Sound Off

Sound Off for March 7, 2018

Move on

Is anyone else tired of these ambulance chasers commercials? Billboards and television? They must spend half of the money they get on advertising.

Raise the pay

Looks like our legislators are waffling again on much needed teacher pay raises. Wednesday’s paper stated that teachers would get only a $1,000 pay raise. Almost every legislator publicly states teachers need more to keep them in our state. But then they get behind closed doors and come up with reasons why there isn’t adequate funding. I see a teacher strike if what has been promised for years dies again.

Keep the paper

The voting machines in Long Beach start with a paper ballot. Don't let someone greedy for taxpayer money make us change to a more expensive machine.

Limits needed

I read that Nancy Pelosi is angry at moderate Democrats for "breaking ranks" and voting with Republicans. According to Speaker Pelosi, their job is to vote with the party and ignore their constituents. Gee, and here I thought the job of our representatives was to vote on behalf of their constituents and what is best for the nation. This is why we need term limits.

Going broke

The reason hospitals are closing is due to increased cost of operations with static or even lower reimbursements by Medicare or private insurance. More governmental rules and regulations are increasing costs without proper compensation. Medical care is excellent but more expensive. No one is turned away despite the ability to pay. That cost is unrecoverable reimbursements. Businesses go broke when expenses exceed income.

Change needed

Mississippi has the most unhealthy and worst educated people in the country. Now some of our rural small hospitals that serve those people are failing. The state should have been fully funding education and should have expanded Medicaid. We are seeing the result of poor decisions in our state government. We need to change our elected officials because they are the problem.

Plan needed

I just got home from the Fat Tuesday day parade in Biloxi. Unbelievable mess with drivers left to find their way out of downtown. I saw police standing, leaning against their patrol cars, as intersections were jammed with cars. The side streets feeding into Division and Callivet streets were at a standstill while not one officer directed traffic. Biloxi, you’ve had this parade forever. Why don’t you have a traffic control plan to move all traffic toward Interstate 110 and I-10, with all streets being controlled. A 12-minute trip home took over an hour and a half.

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