Sound Off

Sound Off for March 6, 2019

Well done

I wish the very best to Coroner Gary Hargrove in retirement. Thank you for many years of service and dedication to an obvious tough job. Enjoy retirement, you truly deserve it.

The rules

I hope the Mississippi lottery rules will allow winners the option to remain anonymous for their and their families safety.

One idea

The Biloxi mayor, city council and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors should work for free as ushers and selling hot dogs at the Shuckers games. They could impress their MGM handlers, learn much needed people skills and best of all save taxpayers a few dollars on the baseball money pit.

Geography lesson

I think we agree that the newscasters should pronounce our city, Gulf-port, not Goof-port or Golf-port. But in order to be more accurate: the body of water south of Mississippi and north of the Barrier islands is not the Gulf of Mexico, it is actually the Mississippi Sound and the water south of Alabama and north of Dauphin Island is also the Mississippi Sound. The Gulf of Mexico is actually south of the barrier islands.

Needless inquiries

Haven’t we had enough go-nowhere Trump investigations? Now the chairman of the Judiciary Committee is ordering up a ton of all new meaningless investigations. How about taking the money and fix some infrastructure?

The law

As usual, Mississippi is behind when it comes to its cell phone laws. It is illegal to text while driving in Mississippi. It is not illegal to talk while driving. So depending on what you're doing, you can still legally use a cell phone while driving in Mississippi.

Don’t love Hillary

So when someone posts or prints something negative about Trump everyone jumps to the conclusion that they love Hillary. Not so, my friends. I voted for John Kasich. Could not vote for Trump because of his history of bad behavior and business dealings.

Build here

If Trump wants to build a wall, will it be constructed right next to his property line at his Mar Lago property?

The truth?

Democrats are abusing the levers of majority power in the House to impeach or handcuff President Trump. Like Stalin, they order the intended outcome, fabricate it and present it with absurd theater. Success requires government controlled media. But in our case, a free media has criminally abdicated their role to seek the truth and voluntarily joined the conspiracy.

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