Sound Off

Sound Off for March 4, 2019


What are they teaching college students these days? Their reaction to protesters marching against removing confederate statues is to disrespect America. Another reason not to watch college basketball.

Looking worse

Trump, is being used by Kim for the worldwide attention he brings him. That fella will never give up or give in on their nuclear capabilities. I gotta believe someone on his advisory staff has told him as much. Kim is looking better, Trump is looking worse.

Ludicrous slam

You make a statement, “Trump and Palazzo don’t understand protect and defend.” Just another ludicrous slam with no reference to anything in particular. Trump has done more to protect and defend this country in two years than Obama did in eight. Palazzo has supported those efforts in Congress.

Bring him down

The radical progressive left in America wakes up each and every day thinking of how they might be able to bring down President Donald Trump. The radical progressive left in Israel does the same with their hatred of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli attorney general announced his intention to indict Netanyahu. I’m very suspicious of these social anarchists in both countries. After 2 years of relentless attack here, they have nothing on Trump, so they make it up. Just as they did during the Kavanaugh hearings. In the meantime, they don’t target any Democrats. Very probably they are doing the same in Israel.

Dodged a bullet

I almost fell into a trap to give someone $1,000 to get $200,000. I called the owner of the number that was asking for the money and they said its a scam, don’t do it. Whew, was I lucky.

Keep it here

BP money belongs to the home owners and businesses of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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