Sound Off

Sound Off for March 5, 2019

Fair reporting

Question: "Is America better off than it was two years ago?" Answer: "Yes...definitely!" But many of you probably don't know this because you read, hear, and see the media who doesn't report America's success. Why? Because they don't want to report anything that makes President Trump look good.

An agenda?

I noticed Sound Off has not printed any rebuttals to the post about medical marijuana containing no THC. Could there be another agenda going on here?

Deep wounds

President Trump, motivated by personal enrichment rather than service to country, has turned his back on our traditional allies while cozying up to the likes of Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia. He and his cronies have inflicted deep wounds on our democracy that will fester for decades. Once he's dumped, the White House would benefit, symbolically at least, from a top-to-bottom fumigation by a hazardous materials team.


Socialists want to make the rules for everyone else, but not for themselves. It is so typical that the famous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not travel the subway but travels in gas guzzling rides and Bernie travels in private jets. Do what I say, not what I do.

Time to go

The revelations about the myriad ways Facebook created or permitted misuse of user’s data and personal information just keep coming. I once tried to permanently delete my empty profile but it was a complex series of steps that including adding data in order to delete. Ultimately it didn’t work. No longer a user. Maybe Facebook’s time has come and gone.

Be careful

Why do people insist on backing into congested parking spaces? No reason for it. That’s why everyone has so many scrapes on their cars. People back in crooked, scrape the other car, then drive away before anyone sees them.

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