Sound Off

Sound Off for March 3, 2019

Get involved

I agree with Gulfport Police Chief Papania. The community needs to get involved with helping law enforcement solve what has become a crime spree in Gulfport. Gulfport has become worse than New Orleans. We as a community cannot expect law enforcement to solve these crimes without help from the citizens. If you know something then please say something.

Please stop

I have asked the three local delivery companies to please not put packages at our door in plain sight from the street, but behind the planter on our porch, out of sight. Do they do it? No. Yesterday they left a package on top of the planter where anyone can see it. Delivery people could help with the fight against porch pirates if asked to put packages out of sight.

Great foresight

In response to the “Bad Gesture,” you think kneeling for the national anthem is un-American? And you think they should be sent out of this country? What about attending a white supremacist rally? I think that is detestable. Well, both are protected by our Constitution. Thank goodness our founding fathers had such foresight.

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