Sound Off

Sound Off for March 2, 2019

A circus

After watching the Cohen hearing on television it may be appropriate to close down the Capitol building and put a circus tent somewhere in the national mall.

No ranges

Since when did a shooting range become legal near a residential neighborhood in Gulfport? No to the proposed shooting range behind Dad's Super Pawn. The neighborhood residents wish to remain living in a peaceful environment. Again, there should be no shooting ranges within the city limits of Gulfport, especially near residential areas.

Good music

There are a lot of good motion picture soundtracks, “Rocky II,” “Trick or Treat” and “The Terminator.” I’ve been indulging via Alexa.

Bad work

What a horrible sight each city has created by butchering the crepe myrtle trees in the median of U.S. 90. How did management let this happen? Instead of trimming, they have butchered them. Need to plant new ones so they can be blooming in a couple of years. Hopefully Gautier hasn’t destroyed ones on Gautier-Vancleave Road.

Away time

The writer of "extra costs" is wrong. Many of the military men protecting the border are reservists who are called to duty and away from their regular jobs. If there were a wall they would be home working and living with their families, not guarding a border that only needs a wall.

The ocean?

I agree that local newscasters should pronounce Gulfport, not “Golf-port,” correctly, but I have a bigger issue with them referring to the Gulf as an ocean. It’s the Gulf of Mexico, not the ccean of Mexico.

Greener planet

A new study by NASA shows the planet is greener over the last 20 years because of human activity, specifically ambitious tree planting. Which is great news. We may not die in 12 years as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez predicts.

Don’t feel bad

Don’t fret. If Fofo loses I am sure he has got lots of other businesses to get back to. And he still gets to keep his picture on the wall of mayor’s past.

Walk away

I am happy to see President Trump walk away from the North Korean summit. I believe Kim Jong Un has been playing Mr. Trump like a violin.

No position

I was happy to read that Governor Bryant has given no position on the Ole Miss players who knelt in protest to the pro-Confederate protest on campus. I will be even happier if he chooses not to. The last I heard this is a free country regardless of those that are trying to change that.

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