Sound Off

Sound Off for March 1, 2019

God bless you

We are losing a really good mail carrier. He is retiring as of today. We wish him all the best, but it sure is a sad day for us all. He is a good-natured, polite, caring and helpful. God bless you and much happiness.

Bad read

Nicholas Kristoff’s New York Time’s op-ed states President Trump is the most corrupt president ever. Such hyperbole, based entirely on unfounded allegations, Trump hating emotions and pure propaganda by the likes of the NYT and others is what really borders on criminal. There is no accountability for such statements. Kristoff probably loves Hillary. Trump tweets impolite statements. That’s about it. He is not racist, a con-man or dictator. Can’t wait to vote for Trump in 2020 for what he has accomplished.

They know

Perhaps the writer of "Protect and Defend" needs to knock off the snarky comments regarding Palazzo and Trump. They understand that an open border does not protect and defend the United States.

The nerve

I do not plan to vote for Tate Reeves and Fofo Gilich does not speak for me as a resident of Biloxi. The nerve of these Coast mayors. Keep your alliances to yourselves. Fofo needs to worry about the roads in East Biloxi.

Extra costs?

It seems misleading when people state how much it’s going to cost to send troops to the border. The military is being paid, fed and housed every day regardless, if they are sitting at a base in Biloxi or patrolling the border. Not much additional cost beside fuel to get there.

Get it right

Why can’t newscasters pronounce Gulfport correctly? It is not Goof-port. Do you call the Gulf of Mexico the Goof of Mexico? Come on now.

Quit whining

I’m over the special investigations on Trump. The Senate and Congress have more important things to be doing.

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