Sound Off


Great work

On behalf of the board of the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers, thank you Robin Fitzgerald for your crime stories and encouragement of readers to submit anonymous tips via phone and online. Your support as a media professional will always be greatly appreciated. Good luck in your next journey.

A helpful tip

If you are forgetful, like me, and might not remember to turn on your headlights with your windshield wipers or in foggy conditions, you can do what I do. In most modern cars, you can simply turn the headlights on and leave them on. There’s no reason not to. And, your car will automatically turn the headlights off for you when you stop the engine.

Get involved

When my daughter graduated kindergarten in California, I was given a list of 300 words for her to study during the summer and required to know before going into first grade. Our teachers can't do everything. Parents, get involved in your child’s education.

Protect and defend

I took a oath when I was 18 years old in 1972 to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is apparent that neither Palazzo nor Trump understand the words protect and defend. Perhaps it's the word oath that baffles them.

Why the move?

WLOX and WXXV, why would you take up valuable time and space to air the hearings going on in Washington, D.C.? That is why there is so many cable news stations, to air such things as that. Please leave regular TV alone and you could scroll at the bottom to tell people turn to a specific channel to watch the hearings. They may be important but they have their place on TV.

Better understanding

I am tired of hearing the comments about revoking driver’s licenses of people who take medical marijuana. What part of “the THC is removed from medical marijuana so you don’t get the high” do people not understand?

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