Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 27, 2019

Drastic action

Maybe it is time teachers in Mississippi follow what several other states were forced to do and go on strike. It’s becoming obvious that our legislators say education is important but can then come up with numerous excuses why it can’t be funded. Is drastic action required?

Lesson learned

I too am incensed when I see people driving without lights in the fog. Imagine my dismay when I looked down and realized my own headlights weren’t on. I keep my headlights on “auto” so I never even thought to manually turn them on. I guess the fog wasn’t “dark” enough to automatically turn them on. Lesson learned. Let’s don’t be so quick to judge.

Maximum effort?

Throwing money at the education problem will not solve anything. Maybe some of these students are doing all they are capable of doing.

Be safe

Persons on (insert drug of choice such as alcohol, pills, caffeine or nicotine) should have their driver's permits voided and not allowed to operate machinery.

Useless junk?

Was that an employee or family member sounding off in favor of Fofo? Come on, Biloxi has stalled and gotten nothing but a bunch of useless junk since he took office. Get real.

No complaints

Some people are complaining that they didn't receive their normal tax refund this year. We had our taxes done today by the same professional who has been doing them for the last 30+ years. Our total income is about the same as last year. Our itemized deductions were about the same as last year, except that we couldn't use them due to the large increase in the standard deduction. Last year our refund was about $600. This year our refund was about $2,700 and that's after receiving a small monthly increase in pay in 2018 due to the new tax withholding tables. Absolutely no complaints here about the new tax laws.

Get over it

You can call it what you want, but I and millions of honest hardworking real Americans paid hard-earned wages into a retirement program called Social Security. We invested in it and we will take advantage of it just like we will use our company pensions and other retirement accounts. Get over it.

Heads roll?

I saw the Ole Miss basketball coach approved of the player’s right to protest by kneeling during the national anthem before the Georgia basketball game. The coach should be fired as well as the school’s athletic director and president if they agree with this position. The demonstration on campus does not justify this disgusting action of kneeling for the national anthem.

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