Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 25, 2019

Border control

The president’s job is not to control personal responsibilities, but to protect our country from enemies, both foreign and domestic. A country without border control is akin to a home without fences, gates, doors, locks and such.

Government run

Social Security is socialism. It was created by the government and is run by the government. Anyone who receives benefits for at least 20 years will receive far more than they paid into it. That is socialism. History tells us that when both Social Security and Medicare were being created that the Republican party complained that they were Socialistic programs.

Take a class

There certainly are a lot of people who need a crash course in socioeconomic political systems. Don’t they have civics or government classes anymore? Guess not. Social programs created to help the elderly, disabled, poor, and disadvantaged are not socialist.

Stop the calls

I don’t like getting calls from telemarketers and robo-calls. I would like all telemarketing calls stopped. I only want calls coming from my family, friends, neighbors, my church and a small circle of others.

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