Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 26, 2019

Drive safely

Most of us on the road the past week have experienced fog. I have driven in the fog daily so I speak from experience. How in the world can anyone driving not reach down and turn on their headlights? I have been in a crowd of six cars and I was the only one with my headlights on. I repeat – headlights. An effort that takes a second has monumental preventive consequences.

Remaining behind

It is no surprise to see that funding for education in Mississippi is falling way behind. I suspect most of the legislator’s children and grandchildren attend private schools. They always talk of increased funding, but it never happens and as long as our state is behind in education, we will remain behind in other areas, as we always have.

Enjoyed the show

I thoroughly enjoyed the academy awards, minus the caustic but witty emcee.

Hated the show

The Oscars have turned into nothing more than a sideshow.

Go Fofo

Who are you kidding? Mayor Fofo has brought more energy, innovation and progress to Biloxi than the last 20 years.

A new rule?

Persons that are on medical marijuana should have their driver’s permits voided and not allow to operate machinery.

Could be worse

Too bad Courthouse Road didn’t turn out well. I almost busted a tire driving over a manhole cover. It could have been real nice. Oh well, it could be worse. Driven in East Biloxi lately?

New term

The term "rushing collusion" is the tendency for media to collectively rush to judgment on anything that makes Trump look bad.

Lottery timetable

Mississippi approved a lottery. Oh sure. I just bought a ticket yesterday. Oh, that was in Louisiana.

Bad gesture

How un-American, kneeling for the national anthem. They should be sent out of this country permanently. Enough said.

Good gesture

I am so proud of our eight courageous young men who stood up for our country by taking the knee during the national anthem at Saturday's Mississippi vs Georgia game.

Lucky number

I seriously doubt the powers that be would not consider putting in a casino in Long Beach because it would be the "unlucky" 13th casino. Poppycock. If the city rejects yet another opportunity for a casino, then they need to look elsewhere for larger businesses/corporations to build and generate more much needed income. And by the way, 13 is actually my lucky number.

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