Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 24, 2019

The numbers

If everybody made $30 an hour, a popular chain fast food hamburger would cost $50. You’d be no better off than now.

Time to go

Time for Fofo and a few others to go go.

Darn lucky

President Trump is a rough and tumble entrepreneur at heart. He is not an experienced politician. He is not articulate. Sometimes it seems like he is his own worst enemy. But, he gets stuff done and we are darn lucky to have him.

Bumpy Road

Courthouse Road is the biggest failure of all time as far as construction projects go. I’ve never seen a new road that is so bumpy. Gulfport should not have to pay for a job done so poorly. Or should I say “we.” Seems to be no quality control.

How it works

Social justice activists need to stop using "tax the rich" as a mantra. It is "the rich" whose corporate and individual income and taxes support social justice by providing jobs and providing tax revenue for social Government programs. Without the "rich" and their money working within the economy, there would be little or no social justice programs.

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