Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 23, 2019

A thought

Has anyone ever asked the question, “Why does it have to be a race to the end?”

Great work

Congratulations to Kristy Thomas. I really enjoyed reading about her and how she teaches students to “learn,” rather than how to “test.” She is a great mentor. Also, not once was “money” mentioned.

One question

Do you think that socialism is defined as something that does not affect everyone?

Classes needed

Driver’s education should be offered in all public schools, and passing the class should be a requirement to get a license. Drivers ed doesn’t only teach rules and laws, it also teaches how to be a better and safer driver. Maybe a few more folks would know why not to turn high beams on in the fog.

No crisis

Seeking attention: I know people on the border who actually live there who say there is no crisis, as well the border patrol figures show there is no crisis. The only crisis is the one the American people are in with Trump as president.

A bad road

You think Back Bay Road is bad? You should come to north Harrison County and drive down Airey Tower Road from Bethel Road to the Stone County line. It is miserable. We've nicknamed it "washboard road." It was repaved several years ago and was terrible right from the start. And unfortunately, I have to drive it every day.

Road woes

Three things heard said most in Gulf Coast cars are passengers saying, “did we hit something?” Or, “what did we run over?” Then they driver replies, “don’t worry, just typical road problems.”

Bad odds

Those people who are all so gung ho about a possible casino in Long Beach need to realize that the odds are against them. If built, it would be the 13th local casino, and we all know 13 is an unlucky number. Also, the mayor should be quiet about revenues in Long Beach being down and they are "struggling." I mean, if we built a casino every time our cities had financial problems, we'd have them from one end of the bays to the other. We have enough casinos as it is.

Liberal media

Since Trump took office, there have been 21 reported hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes. Most of you heard about the crime but little or nothing about the hoax. That, my friends, is an integral part of the “fake news” syndrome prevalent in the liberal media. The lie is reported on page 1 but the retraction is either non-existent or is hidden in the least read part of the paper.

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