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Sound Off for Feb. 22, 2019

Not socialism

Folks, don't let the lopsided liberals continue to make the baloney claim that your Social Security check is "socialism." They get easily confused because the program is called "Social Security." It has the word "social" in it. Clearly, they must not have worked for a living very long and looked at their payroll deductions. Every paycheck has a deduction for Social Security.

Thanks for help

Thank you to the D’Iberville firemen who helped with my Dad when we had an emergency. You guys are angels.

Not getting it

As I was driving on Railroad Street in heavy fog, I passed many cars without lights on. Trying to help out, I turned my lights on and off to remind them. None of them turned their lights on. I counted at least 17 cars. And one driver gave me a glaring look as he passed by. I just don't get it.

Selective checks?

Walmart now keeps a person at the doors checking receipts of people exiting. Thing is, they are doing selective checks of only a few people, and it seems to be based on appearance. May sound logical, but it isn’t right.

Finished work?

Is that road that goes down the Back Bay by the Imperial Palace and Boomtown finished? Good gosh, if that’s finished work after two years, I would like to meet the 6 year olds who built it and signed off on it. That’s just sad. Venezuela has better roads.

One question

Why don't tech companies build their own cities?

The media

As a true conservative, I have to agree with Ann Coulter when she said that our president is an idiot. Real Christian conservatives should believe her and not the lying, mainstream, liberal fake news media that would have you believe otherwise.

One idea

If minimum wage really works to get people out of poverty, why not raise it to $30 an hour so everybody would be rich.

An incentive

Instead of forcing every homeowner to pay crazy high taxes, or raiding the state and federal budgets every year to educate our delicate little flowers, why not have everyone at age 28 or so kick in a fixed percentage of their income for one year? And the big pot of money gets split up amongst the teachers and administrators? That would certainly give some incentive to produce some educated financial success stories.

Protect the trees

Tis' the season to trim crepe myrtles. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to travel U.S. 90 from Pascagoula to Waveland. Gautier has taken crepe myrtle trimming to new heights of butchery. This is extreme to say the least. They need to fire or hire an arborist.

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