Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 21, 2019

Snappy slogan

Haley Barbour for president? Where can I get my red cap that reads “make special interests great again?”

Volunteer coaches

I am not against high school football. I am against hiring professional high school football coaches. Just doesn’t seem right. They should be a member of the faculty who has a job teaching or administrating, or a member of the community who enjoys the game. Right after our coach disappeared, we had teacher and volunteer coaches, won a state title and filled the stands.

Scare tactic?

I agree with Sound Off entitled “wake up” that pulling the “socialist” card is nothing more than a scare tactic, but saying social security and Medicare are socialist programs is incorrect. Every honest worker has invested a percentage of their income into these retirement programs their whole working career, just like we do with IRAs and 401Ks.

Better management

A Sound Off said “wake up and notice what our government is doing to us?” For starters, you listed two: Social Security and Medicare. I could take far better care of myself, my health and my money than the government does.

Pay attention

This is to “wake up.” Please take note of who is running for president in the Democratic Party. All espouse “free stuff” for everyone and two of the candidates consider themselves “socialist” Democrats. I suggest you pay closer attention.

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