Sound Off


Simple to maintain

How are those electric cars working out? Actually great. No transmission flushes, no coolant replacement and belts to replace. No spark plugs, piston rings or valves to wear, no drive train, muffler, or catalytic converter to replace. Only a battery and four simple electric motors, one on each wheel. And their acceleration is amazing.

Obvious loopholes

Well no wonder the no-call list does not work. The first few exemptions were loopholes designed for telemarketers.

Five things

We have a problem on our Southern border, not a crisis. Our crisis is all the deaths caused by cigarettes, alcohol abuse, reckless driving, diseases and gun violence. The number of deaths caused by illegal immigrants is small compared to the deaths caused by those five things. So, yes, Mr. President, protect our border, but focus on those five things and you will save many more lives than by building a wall.

Update needed

Whatever happened to the proposal to cover up the concrete drainage pipes into the Sound, or the Long Beach casino traffic plan to minimize traffic congestion on Beatline or Menge Avenue?

One question

If you oppose abortion, how can you oppose gun control?

Be strict

What give the officer the right to issue a ticket to someone who has no license or insurance and send them on their way? It is illegal to drive a car without a license or insurance in Mississippi, yet the officer lets them drive off and only issues a ticket? Any one who does not have these things should have their car impounded. Officers are breaking the law by letting them drive away.

Good thing

I liked the idea of companion and assistance dogs being allowed in public places. I like dogs and don’t mind having them around. It was a good thing society decided to do.

The problem

People keep saying the statement that President Trump had two years of a Republican-controlled Congress to get his wall funded is flawed because it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass legislation. The man who constantly bragged about being the best negotiator and best dealmaker the universe has ever seen had two years to convince nine people to vote for the wall, and he couldn’t do it. That’s “the problem.”

No labeling

Yes, stop the labels. For the past two years the Republicans and President Trump have been vilified by false labels. To disagree with Democrats or call them out results in being labeled as racist, homophobic or other repulsive names.

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