Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 18, 2019

Lottery blues

Where are our lottery leaders? Need that more than another casino.

Bad headline

Talk about the addition of an unnecessary term, the headline read, “ACLU director runs for Attorney General as Democrat.” What, we were going to think she was a conservative?

The latest?

Whatever happened to the Biloxi mayor’s plan to license panhandlers and create a department of panhandling permits and enforcement? Didn’t he appoint a bunch of friends and relatives to study the idea?

Congrats in order

Congratulations to the 2019 Keesler AFB honorary commanders. Taking time to perform joint membership that improves joint military and civic partnerships are applauded. This is a great opportunity to further the understanding of our great military and involvement with civic organizations.

Great for media

President Trump has been great for the media. People tune in and read about what President Trump has done every day. They never got this from any other president. Hurricane Katrina didn’t get as much press as he gets. Why? That’s because the president is big, big money for the media. The press is who got him elected.

The press

Andrew McCabe asserts in his new book that Trump won the election with the Kremlin’s assistance. No — Andrew McCabe has been assisted by the media by their overlooking his long list of alleged criminal actions and his extreme credibility problem. The media has also overlooked the reality that McCabe’s Russia probe never amounted to anything. I just wish the media would return to reporting the news as it is, not as they think it should be.

Light issue

I have lived just off of Dedeaux Road for the last 20 years. The four-lane expansion has been a long-time coming. As phase 1 is about to be complete, I need to ask, what is up with all the streetlights? It’s almost three times more than what was there. Why did the city feel that was necessary?

Turn it off

Anyone want to know how to enjoy golf tournament on TV? Push the mute button.

Seeing the light?

Never before have I agreed with anything Ann Coulter has said. But on Friday she made two statements with which I wholeheartedly agree. First she tweeted that the goal of Trump’s declaration of a national emergency was to scam the stupidest people in his base for two more years. Then she opined that our only national emergency was “our idiot president.” Finally, a conservative sees the light.

Just a question

Does the government cause poverty?

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