Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 17, 2018

Great work

I read Sound Off every day and see very little of letting people know when someone does a great job. I had the occasion to spend a few days on floor 7C at Memorial. Doctor Wilder was an outstanding doctor. The nurses were outstanding nurses. The medical techs were all outstanding taking care of a grumpy old man. Just want to thank them for A+ service.

Cell phones

What can be done with used cell phones? How do you get them to shelters? All in good condition.

The problem

You say Trump should have gotten the border funding through Congress in the two years the Republicans were in control. Problem is it takes 60 votes, not 51, to approve such funding.

Slinking away

America voted in Trump over Hillary. She had amassed nearly a billion dollar war chest but she also had four decades of political baggage. The media was deep in her corner. Trump won, so Washington decided to use the levers of the Justice Department, the media, the special counsel and the courts to obstruct and oust him. In the midst of it all, Trump has continued to deliver. Democrats are slinking away to socialism.

Fix the roads

Our roads and bridges are crumbling. That is a national emergency. Not a stupid wall

Stop the stats

Please stop with the statistics about what's coming and what's not coming across our Southern border. The objective of illegal crossings is to not be caught and therefore not counted in the statistics.

Fire the editor

The liberal Sound Off editor who insists on printing every blathering, short-on-knowledge, high-on-ignorance liberal comment needs to go. Just an example of how the media left has become the exact opposite of what the founding fathers intended.

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