Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 15, 2019

An answer

Some asked why the wall was not built when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. We hear that a lot on many issues. So for those of you who don't know how it works, it takes 60 votes to get through the Senate if the opposition wants to block it. The Republican House sent many bills to the Senate that were blocked because Republicans did not number 60.

What matters

Trump needs the wall now to keep his base and be re-elected. He knows that he has protection from being president. No telling what will be turned up in investigations into his dealings. It’s all about money and protecting Trump ... nothing else matters.

Try it

Jesus told us to repent and change, not judge and condemn. Apparently Bill Cosby is using his time to make positive changes in his life. You should try it.

Wrong choice

About 70 years ago, I remember my dad and other men putting on a Minstrel show to benefit Handsboro Elementary School. This was common back then. We realize now that it was wrong. If they ran for public office now, they would be vilified for doing what was commonplace back then.

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