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Sound Off for Feb. 14, 2019

A question

While we are waiting to see if there will be another shutdown, I have one question. Why, during his first two years in office when Trump enjoyed a Republican majority Congress, was the wall not funded and built? Why is he blaming the Democrats now? Did he ever really want the wall? I called my senator, but his staff has no answer. Perhaps an enlightened reader can tell us.

Three walls

How does anyone know how many illegal immigrants, drugs, and victims of human trafficking cross the Southern border? They count only the ones they catch. The goal of any illegal crossing is to not be caught and therefore not be counted. The illegal immigrant and drug/human traffickers go to those places where the fewest are caught. In those places, we need a physical wall, a "wall" of electronic surveillance and a "wall" of border patrol agents to effectively respond to any detection of a breach.

Big difference

One big difference between the 2013 government shutdown and the one this year is that in 2013 the furloughed federal workers did not have their pay restored when the furlough was over.

A problem

I am a liberal and I don’t have a problem with secure borders. But I do have a problem with liars, traitors and racists. A big problem.

Move the money

I think we should reprogram funds for border wall from planned parenthood, foreign aid and other giveaway programs.

An admission

I was a pirate around 1980 with some black on my face for effect. #blackfacemetoo

No deterrent

Just read where Bill Crosby saying in a interview that being in prison is an “amazing experience.” Just goes to show how good the prisoners have it. It is not a deterrent that if you do a crime you will be sent to prison. We take better care of prisoners than we do our law abiding citizens.

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