Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 13, 2019

Thank you

Any spouse married to a partner in our armed forces deserves spouse of the year. To all of them, I thank you.

They work

Ancient walls worked. They still work. That's why they're still around. They still work.

God help us

The massive liberal war against President Trump continues. It will never stop. Now we must worry that our young people do not fall prey to the Marxist/socialist propaganda war which is being supported by the Democratic oarty. May God help us.

No response

In today's Sun Herald article on adding text messages to the do not call list, it states "the PSC cannot stop calls from foreign countries where the agency has no jurisdiction." So basically, this won't help either. I was contacted by PSC about my complaints, and that was the excuse given to me. My response to them and here is "but the calls have a 228 area code, my local area code, and if they can obtain phone numbers with my local area code, why can you not stop them?" No response.

Give amnesty?

Why don't we just give amnesty to all those who dressed in black face as a high school or college student 20, 30 or 40 years ago.

A plan

I agree that there should be a vote as to whether to change the state flag. It should be in two parts. First we should vote to change the flag or keep what we now have. A second vote should be to choose the design of the new flag (if the people vote to change it.). A single vote on which of several flag designs should be adopted, including the current state flag, would dilute the change the flag vote and guarantee the current flag remains.

Same place

I found an old paper from October 2013 and thought the Sound Offs were interesting. There were five about a government shutdown and how the other party was responsible and one about immigration. It six years we are still in exactly the same place

Dared him

Judge Kathy King Jackson should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty for letting Jacob Blair Scott out on $65,000 bond after agreeing to plead to 14 felony sex crimes. The judge all but dared him to run.

Keeping my ride

How are those electric and hybrid cars working out when you have a major mechanic bill? Would you keep buying them? I will stick with my old ride that’s a standard. Easy to work on and most people won’t steal it cause they don’t know how to drive a stick shift.

The look

At times, Bernie Sanders looks like a classical music composer.

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