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Sound Off for Feb. 12, 2019

Act American

I have been reading the Sound Offs and editorials for years. I believe we need to quit being Democrats and Republicans, quit acting like 5 year olds and see that we are being divided by our government. It is time to start acting like Americans.

Heavenly world

If everyone would treat each other as we treat the pets we love and adore, our world would be heavenly. Kindness is precious.

How things work

We can argue politics til doomsday, but the truth is none of us regular citizens have any idea what really goes on in government, and if we did I'm sure we would be absolutely appalled at how things actually work.

Let him go

The Pelicans’ Anthony Davis wants to get out of New Orleans. I think the team should just let him go before he gets hurt and loses trade value. A low trade value for Davis could cause severe damage to an already ailing franchise in a marginal market.

Losing bet

I hear the Republican cacophony demanding that Ralph Northam step down as Virginia governor but what about Republicans demanding that Steve King or better yet Cindy Hyde-Smith resign. Put up or shut up. Bet this won't be printed.

Wrong message?

A young mother at the CVS in Diamondhead set a "great" example for her three small children Friday afternoon. Entering the front door, she held the door just long enough for the tots to get in, then let it slam in my face. The lesson for the kids? There is no need to respect other people in the world.

Say the source

For those of you who are bashing various politicians about what's been or has not been accomplished, I have three words for you ... cite your source.

Do they work?

The reason for so many cars driving in fog without lights? Good chance they don’t work. Ever since Mississippi dismissed the inspection sticker, a lot of cars are driving around with a light not working, darkened windows, and car tags with expired stickers covered with decorative frames.

Unfair tax

My hybrid car gets the same or worse gas mileage as many other non-hybrid cars on the market. Why aren’t all cars that get similar mileage taxed the same? This is very unfair.

No options

Has Social Security been bad for me? You bet it has. If I could have taken that same money and invested it myself I would have done far, far, far better. However, the government did not give me that option.

Full disclosure

Some 35 years ago, I dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. I hope I don't offend anyone.

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