Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 10, 2019

Fair share

The point is very clear. (1) Gasoline taxes pay for road construction and maintenance. (2) Hybrid and electric cars use little or no gas and therefor pay little or nothing to help build and maintain the roads they use. (3) The tax on hybrid and electric cars is to allow owners of these type of vehicles to pay their fair share of the cost of building and maintaining the roads that they use.

The facts

To “struck a blow,” obviously you do not have a 401k or IRA or you would realize how good the economy is doing under President Trump. Wish you had facts to support your reference to “nightmarish Presidency.” You probably heard someone else say that.

Out of control

The cities and counties need a paragraph in their sign ordinances that makes it illegal to affix any sign to a utility pole or sign post in the right-of-way. Then, we can fine these "we buy houses" people right out of existence, or they can purchase legal advertising. It's out of control.

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