Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 9, 2019

Good job

In response to “clean roads,” not only is the highway sand free but the beach has never looked better. Kudos to Chuck Loftis and his department for doing such a great job. Driving down our beautiful beach is just another daily reminder of why I love our Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Lacking logic

If “Sound Off” teaches us anything, it is “the liberal mind is where logic goes to die.”

Global warming

This is to “be smart” in Sound Off. It’s the Democrats that refuse to turn on their lights while driving in the fog. They think the lights contribute to global warming.

Financial planning

To “not so great,” you say your retirement money dropped in the fourth quarter last year. How did it do for the first three quarters of 2018? What about January 2019? What about since Trump took office? Two things possible. Either you don’t understand the stock market or you may need a new financial planner.


The rich and famous have walls and bodyguards to protect them from American citizens since that is who does most of the killing and robbery. It’s not against the few illegals in their towns.

Socialist programs

Trump yells “socialism”” and tries to scare voters away from programs similar to social security or medicare, two programs that not only provide basic incomes for senior citizens but also lower health care costs for them. Have these “socialist” programs been so bad for you, that you want to do without them?

Liberal press

The liberal press never fails to investigate every word uttered by President Trump. Sure would be nice if the same press looked into Stacey Abrams SOTU response for truth. Again, liberal “selective indignation.” We are just not buying anything you say or print anymore. Investigative journalism truly died in 2008.

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