Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 8, 2019

Researching candidates

I don’t let a biased political party think for me. I think for myself. I research all candidates and vote for who I think is best for the job, regardless of party.

Picture of carnage

President Trump's inaugural address painted a picture of carnage and every day since his words and deeds have destroyed us from within. His SOTU promises more chaos, shutdowns, and even a war if he doesn't get his wall and the investigations don't stop. I believe him.

Open borders

When the rich and famous tear down their walls and gates around their homes, fire their body guards and enroll their children in public school, they may then lecture us on the safety of open borders.

Moving on

Enough. Saints fans have to move on. To continue makes us sound like the Hilary supporters still carping about an election loss.

Power grab

For Mitch McConnell to call the expansion of voting rights a "power grab" is very telling for how Republicans view democracy in the U.S. — win elections by whatever unscrupulous means necessary.

Not so great

The economy is great and stock market is up, right? My household alone lost $24,000 of retirement money in the fourth quarter of last year. Whomever takes responsibility for that ought to be fired.

Be smart

People with gray, black, tan and brown vehicles are completely invisible in the fog, which is supposed to be around for two weeks, unless you turn your headlights on.

Imaginary world

Looking for an alternate reality? Just turn it on CNN or MSNBC. You will have an entire imaginary world to play in.

Not happening

So you think we need to stop sending Republicans to Washington? Since pretty much the only alternative is a Democrat, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Labeling people

Republicans are not the only ones who label people. Just listen to your own party rhetoric. And if you think your party leaders are open minded, I’d hate to see closed.

Thank you

Thank you to the Waste Management employee who went out of his way to be kind to me today on his Bayou View route. You work hard, do a great job, and even told me to have a blessed day. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Taking bets

Forget betting on the Super Bowl. I’m betting on which decade road improvements will be complete.

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