Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 7, 2019

Campaign promises

I was one of the 76 percent of Americans who liked the president’s SOTU speech. Despite absolute obstructionism by Democrats, blatant impotence in the special counsel investigation and daily anti-Trump propaganda by the media, he has delivered on campaign promises and is making America great again.

Be safe

Please turn on your driving lights in the fog and/or rain.

Really, be safe

In a 20-minute ride to work this morning I counted 42 cars with no lights on in fog so thick you could only see 100 yards. Put your phones down and pay attention during poor conditions. Be smart.

Best policies

I ran a light westbound at USM Gulf Park in Long Beach yesterday and was pulled over by an LBPD officer. There was a respectful exchange and I was issued a courtesy warning. Oddly, it was a pleasant experience. With a heartfelt apology and promise not to run a light again, I came away with more respect for the traffic laws, the LBPD, and particularly for this officer and his professionalism. Moral to the story — an expensive traffic ticket is not always the best policy.

High enough

On the way to lunch today in Long Beach I witnessed a rather serious fender bender on U.S. 90, and if there will actually be a casino in that city, their traffic problems will have just begun. The accident rate is high enough as it is.

On the way

Trump wants to take credit for the economy right now, but we need to remember January marked 100 straight months of job gains and wages. That means we were well on our way before he took office.

Gotcha politics

Anyone who has not done something stupid in their youth raise their hand. Also raise your hand if you learned from it and moved on to be a better person. These 30-year-old photos and recollections are nothing but “gotcha” politics and the people throwing the mud could not hold up to the same scrutiny.

Held accountable

I don’t understand. Are we not a country of laws? I don’t care how good the economy is. If this administration broke the law, and it appears it did, then people must be held accountable. If not, our future elections are doomed to corruption and lawlessness.

A great job

Keep sending Republicans back? Of course. We have the highest wages, the best education and health care in the country. People are moving to our state in droves, no one looks down and laughs at us. So yeah why wouldn't we keep sending them? They are doing a great job for us.

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