Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 6, 2018

Social groups

Are there any social groups on the Coast for people in their 60s that don’t revolve around drinking alcohol?

Only Republicans

I'm fully "awake" and will continue to only send Republicans to Washington, D.C. Enough said.

Good memory?

This Saints fan and season ticket holder has a good memory. The Saints Bountygate was overturned on appeal and all fines dropped. All players were exonerated. The coaches would have been exonerated, but there was no mechanism for their defense.

Moving on

Saints fans need a reality check. Someone should look at all of the calls and no-calls that occurred. I would not be surprised to learn the calls not made against the Saints, or made incorrectly in the Saints’ favor, would have kept them out of the playoffs. Let’s move on.

State the reasons

To “Wake Up,” you gave no reasons why Mississippi should stop sending Republicans to Washington. Obviously you have no stake in the economy or you would be happy with Republicans, especially President Trump. Unlike you I’ll give reasons. Unemployment low, wages up, stock market doing very good and over 300,000 new jobs created in January.