Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 5, 2019

A nice place

Was in Biloxi for a Lions Convention this past weekend and stayed at a hotel on the beach. Was very impressed with the beauty and cleanliness of the sand beaches. Boardwalks too. Will be back.

Not useful

Roger Goodell is as useless as a California referee at a Saints game.

Careful now

Congratulations to the NFL. You wanted the Rams in the Super Bowl. And you got the worst game in Super Bowl history. Be careful what you wish for.

Surprising headline

Knowing that the Sun Herald is owned by McClatchy out of Sacramento, California, and that they are certainly glad to see a California team in the Super Bowl, I was still surprised to see your headline telling us “everything you need to know about the game.” All we needed to know is that the Saints should have been in it.

Alternate reality

It's easy to have your own alternate reality, just start a Facebook page. In fact, the president desperately needs one so that he can finally have his very own big and beautiful wall.

Name calling

I’m amused by the Sound Off about the Republicans needing to stop labeling people. Seems to me the Democrats started name calling a while back by calling Republicans “deplorable”.

Good merits?

I don’t support what Governor Northam did, but seriously, people want him to resign for something he did 30-plus years ago? I think he has got where he is today on his good merits. What’s next, making people resign for what they did in kindergarten?

Wake up

Yes, Palazzo, Wicker and Hyde-Smith need to wake up and quit supporting Trump, but what about those who put Palazzo, Wicker and Hyde-Smith in office? They’re the ones who need to wake up and quit sending these Republicans to Washington. What is it going to take to shake some sense into the Mississippi electorate?

Short memories

Saints' fans have short memories. About a dozen years ago in a playoff game in New Orleans, the Saints defense used Brett Favre as a tackling dummy, with very little penalties. The worst was an illegal hi-low hit on Farve, when the Vikings were leading and moving toward another score. There was no penalty called. It put Farve out of the game and ultimately ended his career. Reviews after the game gave massive fines and suspensions to the offending players and revealed a bounty system to take out Favre that resulted in suspensions and bans on Saints' coaches.

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