Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 4, 2019

Think about quality of life

After being voted down four times, there continues to be a push for a casino in Long Beach. Long Beach would be better served if more attention was paid to zoning and enforcement of covenants. Who is the one who benefits most from the developers buying this property? And why is there such a push now? Soon Long Beach will be a city of used car lots, storage units, and homes with RVs, boats and trailers sitting in the front yard. It is time to focus on a complete plan on the development of our city and the quality of life for the people of Long Beach.

Stop harassing phone calls

The major carriers have the ability to identify and stop the callers that harass us day and night and with fake Caller ID. They do not because of the revenue they would lose that these rotten companies are generating.

Note to husbands

Loving her was easy. Living without her is hard. Take care of your wife. Treat her as the Queen that she really is.

One question

Why are my tires being under-inflated when I get the oil changed?

Just how?

Can someone please tell me how to get to the alternate reality so many seem to be enjoying?


If I may use part of a Mark Twain quote: The more I learn about congressional Democrats, the more I like my dog.

Just stop

People should not be branded and shut out.

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