Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 3, 2019

Response needed

What good does it do to contact Biloxi's mayors office when you never get any response?

Raise needed

The Sun Herald article about teacher’s pay clearly points out that Mississippi ranks at bottom. If we want our future leaders to meet their full potential, the legislators should look at a 5-6 percent raise for teachers.

Stop the labels

All Democrats are not liberals. All liberals are not all about abortion. Democrats are open minded and progressive. This abortion connection needs to stop. The Republicans need to stop labeling people.

Always changing

Myself growing up in northern Wisconsin, and probably just about any other snowbird, can tell you that end of January and spring temperatures often go from way below zero to 40 degree days where northerners run around in T-shirts. Pretty certain the climate has always been changing.

Bigger market

Well, the so-called NFL commissioner made a statement the other day. Everyone knows that what he said was bull. We all know that the NFL did not want the Saints going to the big game. The L.A. Rams have a bigger market.

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