Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 1, 2019

Many thanks

This is to all the kind people who provided aid to my wife when she was injured by a shoplifter fleeing on Wednesday. Thank you to the D'Iberville police, fire and EMTs, and all the others who helped.


We should all be treated with respect.

Miserable conditions

Do people realize it is not normal to go to jail or prison? You should be absolutely miserable every second you are there. It's kinda the point.

Liberal challenge

I challenge all liberals to explain your heartfelt concern at the condition of illegal immigrant children at our Southern border but in the same breath fully support and applaud full term abortion in this country. More "selective indignation" by the "moral" left. Shameful.

Print the truth

This is in response to “What is it?” Could it be that it is a newspaper that prints the truth, and you just don’t like it if it doesn’t fit with what you already believe?

Time to think

If your child blamed everybody else every time he was caught doing something, would you keep believing him/her? If your friend lies and tells more lies to explain the previous lies, would you still be friends with them? Now it is being said, by his own people, that Trump lies to his base because they will buy it. It is time to count to 10, take a deep breath and think.

A better way?

Putting a tax or user fee on hybrid and electric cars is not a fair method of raising revenues to maintain and repair the roads and bridges in this state. A more equitable method would be a vehicle mileage traveled (VMT) tax as Oregon is doing on a voluntary basis now at $0.015 per mile driven and Tennessee on autonomous vehicles at $0.01 per mile driven. These programs require tracking every vehicle’s mileage using an onboard device or an enormous amount of trust in self-reported mileage, but these examples from Oregon and Tennessee suggest there might be something replicable here.

A scam

I got an email from “Amazon Prime” stating that I would be billed for my Amazon prime membership for $199.99 and if I wanted to request cancellation to call a number listed. I looked up the Amazon telephone number on the Internet and it was not the number listed. I called the real Amazon and they said it was a scam and to forward the email to them, which I did.

Drain the swamp

Who do you believe, the intelligence experts or a known liar? Drain the swamp.

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