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Sound Off for Jan. 31, 2019

Clean it up

Could we please put enough pressure on the powers that be to get this Coast cleaned up? It’s horrible. Commercial property owners continue to let their property fall in disrepair and collect trash. Pass Road and Hewes Avenue are disgraceful. Who wants to move their family or business to a place that looks like this? And it has so much potential. Substantial fines would not only make a difference, but add revenue. If they don’t clean up, doze it, clean it up and bill the owner.

Think about it

If the Saints had not benefited from bad or missed calls all through the season they may not have made it to the conference championship game. In fact, there were several face mask penalties by the Saints in this game that were not called.

A prediction

The Sun Herald reported that Tony Romo, an American football television analyst and former quarterback who played 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, predicted the final score of the Super Bowl will be 28-24. “I think the team that has 24 has the ball at the end and they don’t score.” I beg to differ. If the Rams have the ball, there will be a no call by the three Los Angeles-connected referees. The Rams will keep the ball, score and win the game.

Star power

Just read the “Dancing with the Stars” next lineup. Looked more like dancing with the whoms? Sad. They could of picked 10 random people wandering the streets of Biloxi and had the same number of “stars.”

Policy decisions

What current Republican policies was the life-time Republican questioning? The policies of the last two years reduced taxes, increased business opportunities and jobs. We have reduced unemployment, worked to get better trade deals, got our allies to finally pay their agreed share and are working to stop the constant influx of illegals coming across our border. Sounds like the Republican policies I voted for for 55 years.

Like old times

As an old timer observing the current political situation in Washington, I am reminded of the Nixon administration when everyone was maneuvering to cover up and look innocent. As Yogi Berra once said, it looks like “déjà vu all over again.”

Wind direction

A recent Sound Off commented than even after the recent strong winds, "U.S. 90 is pretty much sand free." Yeah, north winds do not blow sand from the beach on to 90. The blowing sand that ends up on 90 is from south and east winds blowing towards the highway. Just wait until spring and summer and the blowing sand from the beach will again end up on the highway. It all depends on the direction of the wind – nothing else.

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