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Sound Off for Jan. 30, 2019

Liberal mentality

Gas taxes are meant to be used on traffic-related infrastructure maintenance and construction, safety research, and all else related to motoring down a public roadway. Seems hybrid owners have that crazy liberal mentality that says they’re always perfect so everyone else should pay their tab in life. Your hybrids cause just as much wear and tear on roads.

Difficult task

For 15 to 20 years there have not been fresh ideas with "quality entertainment." The quality is lacking due to recent/current actors, writers and directors. Persons age 35 and younger need to be exposed to the old TV shows and movies to illustrate you can be entertained without a lot of explosions and killings. Getting the younger group to watch such shows may be difficult.

What’s the plan?

How is Trump's fabulous wall going to stop the best drug dealing tunnelers and how will it stop the people coming by boat? Clearly he is not very smart. A wall isn't going to stop that.

Any relationship?

I read with interest in today's Sun Herald that many small hospitals are closing across the country. Their ability to stay afloat is becoming increasingly difficult. I also read in the article that these closings began around 2010. Looking back, I see that Obamacare was passed into law in 2010. What's your take?

What is it?

I get confused. Is the Sun Herald a local media source? Or just another arm of the national left media?

Repairs needed

Hey Gulfport, can we make the ride any rougher on 30th Avenue as you cross Pass Road? It has gotten beyond ridiculous.

Get over it

Get over it! For crying out loud, literally. Bad calls and no calls are in every football game. Why aren't we hearing about all the calls, or no calls, that went the Saints way throughout the season? Bunch of cry babies. Get over it. I bet this won't be printed.

Not a fan

I’m not an expert on second hand smoke. Don’t really care. One thing I know is that whatever they put in those vapor smoking things makes my asthma and allergies go haywire. Second hand smoke doesn’t. I’m also constantly reaching for the phone ready to call the fire department every time I see a vape person in their car blowing that smoke out their windows.

Dedicated American

I have been a registered Republication since I was old enough to vote. Under present political circumstances, I have to question myself if following the present Republican policies is more important than being a dedicated American. I am a dedicated American.

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