Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 29, 2019

His accomplishments

Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, cut taxes and created 4 million new jobs. The economy is booming, gas prices are low, he cut federal regulations, renegotiated unfair trade deals, and curbed the North Korean nuclear threat. Let’s impeach him.

A big heart

President Trump ended the shutdown temporarily because he has a heart. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi would have let the federal workers suffer for what could be considered “crumbs” in terms of government funding.

Get over it

Pelosi this, Pelosi that. This is all Congressman Palazzo can talk about. Get over it. He didn't fire Pelosi before and he can't do it now.

A waste

The Pro Bowl is a waste. They can’t even get 5,000 people to buy tickets. They should give all the winners $1 million each and the losers nothing to inspire a real game. Or make it a free agent game, or all the worst players who are on the cusp of being cut. Even more fun ... have it after the draft and make it all the new rookies against all the veterans whose job they’re about to take.

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