Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 28, 2019

No winners

The great debate is who won or who lost in the great debacle of the government shutdown, Republicans or Democrats? The answer is no one won and the U.S. citizens lost. Lets see if the current elected officials will lose the next election, both Republican s and Democrats. Lets drain the swamp?


The play that is getting all the attention and replay was actually a second occurrence. The same thing had happened earlier when a Rams player charged into the intended receiver without ever looking for the ball. That, too, was deep in Rams territory. It brings the “randomness” of the “missed call” into question.

Time for change

We probably would not be reading about so many cases of sexual misconduct among Catholic priests if only the Catholic church would allow priests to marry. More young men would probably consider becoming priests if marriage was allowed. I can see why there is a shortage of priests. The same goes for nuns. It’s time for change in the Catholic church.

Public for a reason

I am strongly against giving any tax money to either charter schools or private schools. Tax money should be used only for public schools to make them as good as possible. If parents decide that they want private school for their children, they should have to pay for it. By diverting public funds to privately owned schools you are depriving public schools and enriching the owners of these private institutions. Additionally, studies have shown that charter schools for the most part provide an inferior education.

Clean roads

With this current windy storm anyone else notice that Highway 90 is pretty much sand free?


Everyone is missing the point of hybrid cars being taxed extra. The point of buying a hybrid is to help our environment by not spewing as much gas fumes into the air. The other reason for buying a hybrid is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. If Mississippi wanted a cleaner environment they would give hybrid owners a tax cut because of the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Who’s paying?

The Long Beach Board of Aldermen just passed an updated flood ordinance for the city. Part of the ordinance fixed some existing problems. The second part was to ease some of the building restrictions for about 100 lots south of the tracks to make it less expensive to build. This change also resulted in the city losing 500 points earned in the National Flood Improvement Program. The more points you get, the higher the discount for all property owners. This could result in less of a discount. Does it make sense to change a flood ordinance that helps about 100 property owners at the possible expense to the entire city?

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