Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 26, 2019

Change history?

If one can change history, let us know how. Please move on and use history as a lesson but not retribution for our past.

Automatic suspension

When someone chooses to go around a stopped school bus, their driver’s license should be automatically suspended.

No fresh ideas

Lots of recycled old movies and series coming out of Hollywood. I think they wander way back into the archives, dust off something today’s generation is too young to have seen and reissue. It seems like they’ve run out of fresh ideas and good scriptwriters.

A suggestion

Here's a suggestion for the public relations person for the city of Biloxi. Ignore Boosie. Giving statements like "it's unfair" when talking about his social media posts only keeps him in the news. He'll go away eventually when there is nothing left for him to whine about.

No understanding

Trump and his fellow rich senators can't understand why government workers can't pay their house or car loans, buy medicines or food, just because they miss a few paychecks. Coast Guard and airport security staff are made to work without pay. That's not "irrational" or "fake news."

Who profits?

I got a couple of question for the folks who think we have a crisis and desperately need a wall from Trump. First where was the crisis during his first two years when he was pushing the tax cuts for his rich buddies and he controlled both houses? The other is who is going to be profiting from this huge waste of money? The only crisis I see is how badly we are being conned. Signed, sorry I voted for him.

Struck a blow

In the movie “Rocky IV” Ivan Drago had his way with Rocky for 13 rounds of the 15 rounds of the fight. But in the 14th round, for the first time in Drago's career, he was hit by Rocky and made to bleed, who went on to win the fight. This week, Nancy Pelosi, our Speaker of the House, in her letter to Donald Trump disinviting him to the House Chamber to give his State of the Union address, struck a Rocky-like blow to Donald and he is now bleeding. Hopefully, this nightmare of a presidency will be over soon.

Different game

I guess everyone was watching a different game than I was. The no call should have never have happened. Now you have the ball at the 20-yard line, tied score, less than two minutes left, Rams have two time outs, it's first down. You don't throw the ball, you run the ball and work on the clock. They could have taken the clock down to about 30 seconds. The blame lies with the play calling or someone wanting to be a hero. That’s what lost the game.

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