Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 25, 2018

Not watching

My late father was a football, basketball and baseball referee. After the two NFL referees did not make the call in the Saints game, I will never watch again.

Forgiving myself

There is one positive note on the infamous "no-call" Saints playoff game. By watching the ugly replay of the incident, I have forgiven myself for any mistake I ever made in my lifetime many times over.

One solution?

I know it would be a terrible logistical problem but one solution might be to have the last few minutes of the Rams-Saints game played at the Pro Bowl.


I want to add to the Sound Off entitled “what gives.” With legalized sports betting going on, how legal is it to affect the outcome of a game? Maybe it needs to be investigated to see who made money on this game. It has appearances of corruption.

Seeing the truth

The Sound Off in Thursday’s paper about “irrational haters” was spot on. The reason Nancy Pelosi refuses to compromise is the left can’t stand to let President Trump keep his pledge to “make America great again.” If the left-leaning press would stop protecting her, people would soon see the truth.

Sit and twiddle

Trump is doing more damage than is realized with the shutdown. I’m sure our enemies would like him to keep it shut so they can feel free to do us damage while we sit and twiddle.

One solution

Here is how the Donald can pay for the wall. Sell advertising on it to automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and attorneys.

Alternative facts

The hatred being fueled is a direct relationship to what has become a lie-a-thon. Traditionally both-party politicians have spun the ground truth to win the votes of constituents. Unfortunately our democracy and constitution are under attack as politicians have transitioned to "alternate facts." There are no alternative facts, there are only facts and lies. Having served decades in the military, where integrity is a long held core value, it is a disgrace to watch politicians not be held to the same level of values as those who put their lives on the line to protect our nation.

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