Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 24, 2019

A name

The infamous no-call that stole the Saints a shot at a Super Bowl was “the silence heard around the world.”

No foul league

I guess the NFL can now officially be called the “no foul league.” I’ll not be watching the Super Bowl this year between the NFL’s fair-haired AFC champion and the illegitimate NFC champion. The NFL has become a joke.

What gives?

In Wednesday paper, I read that the referee who "missed" the call lives in the Los Angeles area. Another of the referees graduated from UCLA, and a third referee doing the game used to play for the Rams. Why would the NFL allow this?

Stop it

Good God, I’m sick of hearing about the no-penalty thing. Bathroom, check out lines, doctor office, local news, and even a page of Sound Offs. This same thing has happened many times over the last 100 years in all sports. Stop whining.

Forgotten call

Overlooked in all of the outrage over the the obvious "no call" in the Saints game was the obvious bad call of roughing the passer against Tom Brady. The rusher was reaching around a blocker and his arm hit Brady's shoulder. The refs erroneously said he hit his head. This gave them 15 yards and a first down on a third-down stop, and that allowed them to go on and get a touchdown.

Great writing

The person who wrote the obituary for Ora Long in Tuesday's Sun Herald must been a very talented writer with a great sense of humor. I think we all wish we had been given the opportunity to know Wee Wee. Thanks for sharing wonderful memories.

Hop on board

I see where some local police departments on the Coast are providing opportunities for people to clear old fines and warrants. The city of Waveland needs to get on board with this as well.

Irrational hatred

On “The View,” Whoopi says that it is "circumstantial evidence" that sparks so much of the false media reports (aka fake news) about President Trump. Problem is, the "circumstance" most often used in the false report is a fabricated lie or a re-framing of an incident out of context. The reason for so much fake news is that many on the left just hate Trump with an irrational hatred that borders on insanity. Holding on to irrational hatred is like you taking poison and hoping the person you hate dies.

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