Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 23, 2019

Bad deal

The official at the Saints game should be banned from officiating. I feel sorry for the Biloxi City councilman featured in the Sun Herald who bet on the Saints. He is a good man and did not deserve to lose.

Don’t bother

No use complaining about the no interference call. The NFL wanted Los Angeles and New England in the Super Bowl. Big market teams make the advertisers happy.

Looking around

I haven’t heard anyone mention, while talking about the no-call in Sunday’s Game, that the Rams’ No. 23 player was looking all around for a flag after the pass interference, because he knew that he was wrong.

Change the rules

Evidently, the challenge flag can be thrown only for bad calls, not for missed calls. Otherwise, coach Payton would have thrown it when officials failed to call two cases of blatant pass-interference against the Saints. If that's true, the NFL should amend its rules. A missed call can be as bad, or worse than a bad call.

Historically bad

Sounds nice, but Saints owner Gayle Benson is just "blowing in the wind" with changing NFL rules. A lot of progress has been made, and proven to be extremely valuable, in making correct calls with video replay, coaches challenges, and off-the-field reviews by NFL officials during the game. But there is nothing that will replace a "judgment call" by a referee with regard to pass interference. If every pass interference call is reviewed, the football games will last longer than major league baseball. The incident in the Saints-Rams playoff is likely the most extreme and incorrect "no-call" by an entire crew in NFL history.

Remember when

I feel so sorry for the poor Saints — a missed call that "robbed" them of their victory over the Rams. But does anybody remember Jan. 24, 2010, when Brett Favre was knocked down over and over again after every play, with no calls? The Saints won over the Vikings with an overtime field goal. So it seems that what goes around, comes around.

Way to go

Kudos to Kessler Federal Credit Union for adopting a bold strategy to support its shareholders affected by the shutdown

Does not care

By shutting down our government to get his wall, Trump is starving homeland security, our courts and economy. Meanwhile Trump's foreign backers are inside our borders destroying us from within.. He kept the focus on his wall and sold us out. The con man doesn't care who loses as long as he wins.