Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 22, 2019


Your headline could have easily read “Refs” stun Saints.

Lesson learned?

What is professional football teaching our kids? The referee that did not call that play should lose his job because he did not do his job. Also, if Tom Brady goes to the Super Bowl you have cheater versus thieves.

Flag bias

The Monday front page headline should have read “No Flag - No Super Bowl.” That was a horrific “no-call” by a NFL officiating crew. Since the yellow flags fly whenever a pass interference call is made, it contaminates the judgment of the entire crew. No one saw it? Well, the replay just made it worse. If defenders are allowed to simply throw a receiver to the ground while the ball is still catchable, there would no need to call a pass play.


Is anyone besides me bored that the New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl once again?

Other reasons

Saints lost the game when they decided not to try to win the Carolina game — that kind of play carried over into the Philly game and the Rams game looked like they were playing a preseason game.

Not appropriate

I understand the girls being upset. If what they are doing is wrong, then the boys with saggy pants need to be called out too. But leggings are not appropriate attire for school. Anything that shows every bump and crack has no business in a school. So clarify the rules and go on with life.

Public decorum

I fully side with Bay High principal about leggings being a distraction. Sadly, parents are in denial. These students are not mature adults — they are teenagers, and hormones affect their moods, emotions and impulses. I personally wish to thank the principal for establishing a sense of decency for her school. Of course, the males should also be called out when their attire is inappropriate. Sadly, as a society, we have lost a sense of decency about our attire in public.

Problem solved

Sounds to me like Bay High principal Amy Coyne has a pretty simple problem concerning distractions due to the girls wearing leggings. Just do away with “free dress Fridays” and the situation will be solved.

Too easy

The prosecutors went too easy on these felons. Some of the poor people that lost their properties to foreclosure have probably lost their life savings. If I were one of these poor unfortunates, I would be filing a civil lawsuit against these con artists. Like the judge meant, ignorance is no excuse. Thank you Anita Lee for writing the article and keep up the good work.

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