Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 20, 2019

Here’s a thought

Ever seen those portable signs on the side of the road that are supposed to be delivering PSAs to us? For quite some time now, these signs have been advising us to send a “text” to a certain number for traffic status and updates. Driving and texting? Just a thought.

A wish

I wish the Harrison County sheriff had radar. The trucks hauling dirt on East Wortham Road could be ticketed for speeding.

Please explain

I’m waiting for Speaker Pelosi to explain why she was quietly leaving the country for seven days while the government shutdown continues. This should open lots of eyes.

Shared concern

Shame on “better priorities” for saying that Nancy Pelosi isn’t worried about the security of our nation’s southern border. Democrats and Republicans are both concerned. What they disagree on is the most effective way to protect our border.

Useless Congress

We are heading toward at least two years of another totally useless Congress. There is so much hatred of President Trump by the Democrats and some Republicans that nothing will be done for the taxpayers of this country.

Smart enough

Oh, of course they didn’t know it was illegal to rig an auction. Smart enough to know how to do it though.

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