Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 19, 2019

Pretty awesome

Keesler Federal Credit Union has decided to deposit the same amount of any furloughed federal employees normal paycheck, if they were on direct deposit, until they get their back pay. No questions asked. They truly care about their members. How awesome is that?

Whose problem?

Trump was blamed for separating families at the border but the fact the children can’t be reunited with the parents is a bureaucratic problem, not a Trump problem.

Showing solidarity

To all of the hardcore Trump supporters who back his wall and space lasers, I say this. If you back him whole heartily then I suggest you go to work without pay to show your solidarity.

Remember this

I hope the 800,000 federal workers who were put out of work by the Trump shutdown will also shut him down in 2020 when he wants a job.

Proper penalty?

The 4-month prison sentence for the seven people convicted of rigging real estate auctions for the last 10 years seems way too low. So now do they get to spend those four months in a “country club prison” where they will just play golf? Doesn’t seem like much of a penalty to discourage others in the future.

Lopsided liberals

The Sound Off editors and staff writers at the Sun Herald are such lopsided liberals it is pathetic. Pretty certain this comment will be trashed along with the stale donuts.

Road usage

Think of the tax/fee you are paying for your hybrid as a road-use tax. If your vehicle of choice doesn’t use any or much gasoline it is still using the roads.

Think twice

I rode down Courthouse Road today. I’m hoping that what I saw finished paved is really not finished. It was some of the I worst I have ever seen. I was bouncing in the dips as I was driving around manholes. I would think twice before I paid that bill.

Pay up

A certain portion of the taxes we pay when we purchase a gallon of gas goes toward the maintenance and construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. At last check, hybrid car owners benefit from the taxes everyone else pays. Owners of hybrid cars should contribute, too.

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