Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 17, 2019

Unfair law

The new tax law requiring owners to pay either $50 or $150 just because they drive a hybrid vehicle is unfair and should be repealed. Why should the state of Mississippi punish its citizens for owing hybrids? Before instituting such a tax, hybrid vehicle owners should have been made aware of this law and we could have chosen not to buy hybrid cars, or we could have sold them before the law was passed. Here we were trying to do something good for the environment, only to have our state slap us in our faces. It is unfair and should be deemed unconstitutional.

Why so empty?

While on our weekly Sunday breakfast and grocery shopping trip we were surprised and concerned to see the normally packed Waffle House and Walmart were eerily somewhat empty. No doubt another result from Trump’s shutdown. People can’t spend money they don’t have. This shutdown is hurting businesses, also.

Likes himself

Sure hope Governor Bryant didn't bruise himself too badly during his speech Tuesday. Never saw a politician, other than Trump, pat himself on the back so severely.

Giving money away

I’m all about national security. The wall at the border is a maybe fix. We need to start somewhere. The United States gives away over $50 billion a year to foreign countries just being nice. You know, the tax dollars that come out of your paycheck first before you get it. I’m thinking why not spend it here. It will be money pumped into our economy.

Back off

One side is responding to a potential flood of immigrants by talking up the need for a strong border wall. Meanwhile, potential invaders from the south, listening to the increasingly loud calls for a wall, are thinking that their chance to escape danger and poverty are about to become impossible. The two positions are feeding off each other. If this continues, the confrontation is bound to peak in a disaster that no one wants. Both sides should back off.

Biased media

To the person that wanted to know if the president is still donating his salary or was it a publicity stunt, here is your answer. So far he has donated to the National Park Service, Department of Education, Opioid Fight, infrastructure, VA and SBA. Just because the biased media doesn't report his generosity, that doesn't mean he is not doing it.

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