Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 16, 2019

One plan

I don’t use marijuana because it’s illegal. I’ve always thought that marijuana should be treated the same as any other vegetable. You should grow it in your garden, sell your excess and give it to your neighbors like you do with your cucumbers. Forget about taxes, tax it only if it is sold commercially like celery.

Limiting speed

Why can’t we limit 18-wheelers to 55 mph to 60 mph? No advantage to any individual trucking firm, but surely fewer collisions and fewer lost lives. Just drive interstates and experience their speeds to deliver products. Fair to all.

Pay question

By the way, what’s the status of the president taking pay? When he took office, Trump made a big deal about not taking any pay for his work and there was a big news splash about his donating his pay. Haven’t heard a word about it since.

Lucky Saints?

On Sunday I thought I was watching a rerun of a previous game. The Saints were lucky again. But I guess luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Legal immigration

Our southern border is a porous, dangerous, unsecured mess. The media’s continued attempt to push the agenda that there is no crisis is an insult to all clear thinking Americans. We continue to be bombarded with the same pictures of little children at the border and no facts in regard to the crime, drugs, disease and strain on our government services that illegal immigrants bring to our country. Stop the madness and secure our borders. Legal immigration should be the rule.

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