Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 15, 2019

Just wrong

No, we do not need to take the easy and most dangerous way out in regards to new tax income. Legalizing marijuana is wrong in so many ways.

Let Trump work

I empathize with those government workers being furloughed due to the shutdown but I am outraged that the illegal immigration mess on our southern border has been allowed to exist for decades. Congress should have fixed it. They didn't. Get out of the way and let Trump do it.

Message from Palazzo

Just received an email from Congressman Palazzo blaming Democrats, and of course Nancy Pelosi, for the shutdown and a bold sign saying “Build the Wall.” Out of touch is out of mind — on both counts. Trump owns the shutdown by his own admission and the wall is not needed on the world's safest border.

Information needed

Could somebody please tell me exactly how long you can legally drive with a paper automotive advertisement tag on your automobile? Just wondering.

A disgrace?

President Trump’s shutdown is a disgrace. Shame on him for unnecessarily inflicting so much misery and uncertainty on millions of innocent citizens.

Fill me in

I agree wholeheartedly with “appalling behavior” and “no more overhead.” Anyone who cannot understand the plight of living paycheck to paycheck shouldn’t speak on the subject. Also agree with the chances missed to bury power lines. Why did this not happen after Katrina when it all had to be redone? If someone can answer the question about post Katrina, please fill me in.

Nest egg

Rule of thumb for financial planning is to have three months of living expenses in savings for emergencies. I heard on news that the average federal worker makes $37 an hour, about 5 times what many locals make. It seems those folks should be able to follow this rule without much difficulty.

Call them out

What’s so hard about walking your shopping cart 5 feet to the cart pen? Time for respectful, well mannered folks on the Gulf Coast to stop hanging their heads in silence. Call out bad behaviors. Make the Gulf Coast a great place to be.

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