Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 14, 2019

Appalling behavior

I cannot believe that someone actually wrote that it was a “scare tactic” to be concerned about federal workers losing a paycheck. Obviously you have never lived paycheck-to-paycheck, where you count on that to pay your mortgage or car payment on time, or even when you need to go grocery shopping. I find such lack of compassion of the writer, and our president, appalling.


The study concludes that seniors share fake news more than young people and immediately drew the conclusion that seniors share it because they believe it. Could it be that they share it because it was so ridiculous they wanted others to see it. Maybe the youth don't share it because they don't question it. The article itself is fake news.

Who’s essential?

During a government shutdown why aren't Congressmen and women treated as non-essential employees and furloughed?

No more overhead

Too bad when Biloxi rebuilt its roads and Gulfport rebuilt Courthouse Road that they didn’t think a little out of the box. It would have been a great time to bury the overhead utilities. Courthouse Road looks like it’s in a Third World country. Just think how it would have prevented power outages during hurricanes, also. No modern city has overhead utilities anymore.

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