Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 13, 2019

Problem cause

We send politicians to Washington and Jackson to solve our problems. Far too often, it appears that many of them are the ones causing the problems.

Catching up

I think I remember when the economy tanked years ago that Pascagoula failed to reduce salaries and implement cuts to their departments. I think it caught up with them.

Fix the roads

The residents of Eagle Point in Biloxi would sure appreciate it if we repaired the only two roads we must travel to enter our community. We think this should be done before we spend the money to build a bridge or tunnel to Deer Island. These roads (Shorecrest Road to Eagle Point from Lorraine Road, and Oaklawn Road from the Woolmarket I-10 exit) are killing our vehicles and our backs and necks. By the way we will even settle for the manhole covers being 6 inches below or above the level of the pavement to meet the code. We will just continue to dodge them. We’re good at that.

If only ...

Can Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer only love this country just a little bit more than they hate President Trump?

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