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Sound Off for Jan. 12, 2018

What a blessing

I was sending a voice message to a building contractor friend seeking help on a project that I am doing volunteer work on for a friend in Port St. Joe, Florida. He is in VA nursing home and his wife broke her hip while we were assessing the situation. They lost everything in the home. A lady overheard my message and gave me $50 for the family. What a blessing.

True cost?

I'm an old guy that is retired after 47 years in the construction industry. In my career, I have been responsible for the placement of thousand yards of concrete and the erection of thousand tons of steel. The $5.6 billion that President Trump is asking for to build his wall will not come close to covering the cost based on the scope of work that has been reported. Logistics alone will increase the cost measurable. If this wall gets built, stay tuned because the final cost will blow you away.

A win, win

Totally agree with “Not Presidential.” Trump is trying to become a dictator. Also agree with “Make It Happen.” Marijuana should be legalized and then everyone can have health care, just like in other civilized countries. It’s a win, win for everyone.

What folly

After the wall goes up, won’t the next Democratic president just declare a national emergency to take it down? In fact, won’t that be the single issue that a primary candidate runs and wins on? What folly.

Make it legal

There is an old song that goes, "Everybody's doing it, doing it, doing it," and that applies nowadays with the use of marijuana, medical and otherwise. Many people I know have used it and continue to. So the sooner it is legalized in Mississippi, the better.

Protect the environment

So now our officials have agreed to cut down Mississippi's forest to make European power plants more efficient. Surely we can attract industry that employs workers without destroying our environment.

Wall components

What's missing in the border "wall" debate is that it is not the "wall" alone that provides border security. Effective border security results from the combination of adequate infrastructure, technology and personnel. These three components are all interdependent. One does not work without the other two. A wall only serves to slow down illegal entry. It is the wall supported by technology and personnel that stops illegal entry.

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