Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 11, 2019

Where to walk?

I am new to Woolmarket. Any recommendations for a safe walking area besides the track at the community center?

Seeking scallops

I love bacon wrapped scallops appetizers. If anyone knows of a restaurant on the Coast that serves them, please let me know.

Bridge to sell

If there is anyone out there who truly believes we do not have an out of control illegal immigration problem on our southern border, please see me. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Scare tactics?

The government shut down is nothing more than a paid vacation for most employees. Yes, the paycheck may be delayed but they will get back pay for the time as well as credit for any vacation days that they were scheduled to take during the shutdown. Stop with the scare tactics.

Not presidential

Donald Trump seems to be acting more like a dictator than a U.S. President.

The process

The problem with giving teachers raises based on merit is someone has to determine merit. And that allows "politics" to be involved with the process.

Make it happen

Congress needs to pass a law to make Marijuana legal, so it can be federally taxed. Then they will have enough money for health care for everyone. Make it happen.

Don’t text

You're not supposed to text while driving, and if your sitting still because traffic is stopped you already know there is a problem.

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