Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 10, 2018

Can’t fix it

It has been said that you cure ignorance with education. There is nothing you can do about stupidity. We find great evidence of this in our federal government. The problem is we keep electing them.

Just not right

Congress passed a law many years ago that makes it illegal for Congress not to get paid during shutdowns. This law needs to change. It shows how members of our government put themselves before the people that they represent.

No respect

Mike Ezell’s claim that prisoners/inmates are treated with “respect” can only be accurately described as a whimsical fantasy. They are treated like dirt. But what else would you expect him to say?


Does Alabama still think they can beat the Arizona Cardinals ? If so, then Clemson should be able to beat the Cowboys.


This is in response to the article regarding Dear Silas, the hip hop artist, with the popular song “Skrr Skrr.” Did anyone at the SunHerald actually listen to the lyrics? They are vulgar and crass. How is it that we are applauding this man saying he’s the best thing going for Mississippi when he refers to women as the B-word?

Splitting raises

One thing to consider when debating the teacher pay raise issue is granting the raises based on merit. I know some really good teachers and really bad ones, and you will never motivate the bad ones to be good if you reward them for just showing up. Also, the good ones will continue to work hard if they know their effort is rewarded. At the end of the day, the children will benefit.

Who knows

I am so tired of congressmen and senators telling us what the American people want or what the American people don’t want. They could care less what the American want or don’t want.


Who really cares how the word “insurance” is pronounced? What matters is that most of us are insurance poor.

Full coverage

When Obamacare was passed, it covered everyone except those in-between the poorest and middle class. The Medicaid Expansion program was put into place to cover these people. The federal government would pay for 90 percent if any state wanted it. The governors of all blue states immediately signed up. Almost all governors of red states refused it. Many of the red states have since signed up for it because their citizens realized thousands were dying because they had no insurance. Gov. Bryant is one of only 14 states still refusing to accept it. Until he does, Obamacare does not cover 100 percent of us.

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